The initial phaser game was the closest I came to finishing a game project.

  • Phaser 2
  • Ionic Framework 2
  • 146,696 Stars
  • 349,446 Planets
  • 6845,89 Asteroids

But beyond mining, continually upgrading, and never ending battles it was not headed to what my original plans were.

The account creation still needed account management and account recovery / password reset functionality.

Mobsor Version I (game)
Mobsor Version I (game)
Version II Plans
  • Phaser 3
  • Firebase for account creation / management
  • Dropping Ionic for now

I have been creating most of my Phaser 3 projects using troyedwardsjr/phaser3-typescript-webpack. Since I always start by removing and making the same modifications I have started my own for at matlintz/phaser3-typescript-webpack

I will keep that pretty much as is and create a separate repo for the game.

import 'phaser';

const config:Phaser.Types.Core.GameConfig = {
    type: Phaser.AUTO,
    parent: 'content',
    width: window.innerWidth,
    height: window.innerHeight,
    resolution: 1, 
    scale: {
      mode: Phaser.Scale.RESIZE,
      autoCenter: Phaser.Scale.CENTER_BOTH

    backgroundColor: "#000000",
    scene: [
//sclae:mode -

let game:Phaser.Game = new Phaser.Game(config);

I updated Phaser 3.11.0 to Phaser 3.18.1, removed the example scene and player. The typescript definitions for Phaser are already included in 3.18 and I removed the ones provided by the initial boilerplate.

This version now will just provide a full window re-sizable black screen.

Back end Development

Most of the back end for Version I will be somewhat usable by version II. Moving from self managed account creation to Firebase will require some changes in token handling.

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