I’ve been busy with real life, day job, and other projects so just putting up some links to other useful Phaser 3 articles I have been reading.

Columbia River near Vantage Washington
Vacation Road Trip, Columbia River near Vantage Washington

Platform Games in Phaser 3 – Setting Up https://phasergames.com/setting-up-phaser-3-platform-games/ From William Clarkson https://phasergames.com

A very good write up on setting up a grid and placing blocks in Phaser 3.

Creating Spelunky-style level transitions in Phaser https://dev.to/jorbascrumps/creating-spelunky-style-level-transitions-in-phaser-2ajd From Chris Wright https://twitter.com/jorbascrumps

A short and simple intro to Scene Transitions in Phaser 3.

I’ll hopefully be back to creating more Phaser 3 examples soon.

I’m also working on another side project (DataGst) that I’m trying to use Phaser in a non-game way. I think I am probably limiting the full capabilities of Phaser by only thinking of using it as a game library. With Flash dying there could be uses for Phaser where non-game graphic manipulation is needed.

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