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Phaser 3 Toolbar Scene Example

In this Phaser 3 example, I step away from sprites and plans for collisions as I am working on something this fits in well with. I need a toolbar for another project and created a short example scene. I was looking at creating a toolbar for another side project and found to be close […]

Vacation Road Trip, Columbia River near Vantage Washington

Some Useful Phaser 3 Articles

I’ve been busy with real life, day job, and other projects so just putting up some links to other useful Phaser 3 articles I have been reading. Platform Games in Phaser 3 – Setting Up From William Clarkson A very good write up on setting up a grid and placing blocks in Phaser […]

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Phaser 3 Adding a Background Image Scene

Phaser 3 Example #2 In this example, I want to create a larger Phaser 3 scene – world with a background image. This scene uses the prior example ( Phase 3 Examples Project – Sprite Control Example ). BackGroundScene With the larger world size, the velocityFromRotation had issues. I believe because the pointer.x/y should be […]

Phaser 3 and Firebase

In Mobsor version one I had created the beginning of a user management system but it was far from finished. Integrating Phaser and Firebase would have been easier both on me and the end-user. In this version, I will be using Firebase because it offers all of the functionality I want and it’s free. I […]